About Us

Tumbledown Media Ltd provides a range of on and offline supports for companies and media marketing to children.

Our first range of products is the ‘Freddy Buttons’ range. Freddy is a character designed to get children to engage with their food.

We deliver Freddy Buttons through books, onpack promotions, bookmark competitions, apps, a Freddy Buttons youtube channel and an animation TV series.

With one in four children in Ireland overweight or obese, our strategy is to develop on and offline platforms to help children learn about healthy eating.

We have been  partnering with Glenisk in Ireland since 2015 with a very successful on-pack ‘collect to claim’ promotion.

Glenisk were also proud sponsors of the Freddy Buttons award-winning garden at Bloom 2015 and they continue to have a strong relationship with Tumbledown Media CEO, Fiona Dillon.


Our newest client is  Tipperary Food Producers who have commissioned Tumbledown Media to produce a bespoke children’s book due for release in December 2017.  The book, with a whole new set of characters (Freddy’s friends) will embody all that is wholesome and nourishing about Tipperary produce and is set to capture the imaginations of children worldwide.

We are also very proud to announce that Freddy Buttons has now been licensed into the China market, so 2018 will see Freddy Buttons enjoyed by children all over mainland China in the form of books, MPR readers and e-books.

If you would like to discuss becoming a Freddy Buttons/Tumbledown Media partner, please contact info@tumbledownmedia.com.